The Fire from Within!

There are times when the weather here in the UAE comes together in a big way! Not often but when it does it’s amazing. In this case it was on a recent shoot we did close to the Dubai mountains. … Continue reading


I’ve been wanting to do a shoot with a male & female model based on the novel, Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, but with a modern and contemporary twist. Loved the book & movies but the best was Kate Bush haunting rendition of Wuthering Heights that topped the mood of the story! Our shoot’s location was the perfect backdrop for the story, an old rundown fishing village in Ras AL Khamaih, UAE, full of textures, warms shades against a beautiful blue sky!

Toni, modeling for us!

The team working to get the shot!

Set up some mood boards regarding look & feel and had a brainstorming session with my good friend and fellow creative Toni Malt on what we envisaged their hair & makeup should be. We agreed that we wanted a semi androgygnous look to tie in the “sibling romance” but still keep the look current & modern.

I had a specific look in mind as the models had to be similar in a way!  Paul, our wonderful male model graciously offered to model for us for the day! He is a real find here in Dubai, with his exotic looks which is quite rare here, he been half Lebanese, half Dutch!  He is an up and coming model who has been picked up by quite a number of editorials but also a lovely person and great professional. Stefanie, our female model is one of my favourite models that I have worked with to date! Having worked with her before on previous occasions, she is the consummate professional and a sweetheart! Once again the lovely Natalie Trevis was responsible for the styling of the shoot with clothing ranging from Marc Jacobs, Diane van Furstenberg, Iconic, John Varvatos, River Island and Savage.

I used a mixture a daylight and strobes to fill in the shadows in some shots. Some just the silver Sunbounce, others the beauty dish with a 1/3 stop diffuser as the light was quite harsh during midday! I also used a polarizer filter to give the lovely blue sky a bit of extra pop. On our sunset shot I use the Profoto 7b pack with a Wescott softbox on a direction angle. Love the Profoto lights, they really do give an even spread of light!

I usually do my own retouching on my shoots but wanted to branch out and test the waters so to speak! After looking at a couple of retouchers’ work I decided to use the services of STUDIO AW based in San Paulo, Brazil. Their clients have included  L’Offciel Brazil, Santa Lola, Vogue Brazil,  and Elle Brazil to name a few. I really like their finishing, subtle and not overdone which is sometimes a big problem in this industry! The owner Alex is a lovely creative who sat patiently for hours with me as I went through the retouching process with him.

The highlight of this shoot was it was picked up by KURV Magazine Australia. We were all super excited at this great news.  Cant wait to get our hands on one of the issues as it’s not available in these shores! Thanks to Nicholas from Kurv for allowing us to be part of this great issue!

Thanks to an amazing bunch of creatives who made this wonderful shoot possible! Here are some extra shots from the shoot!

Photography        Belinda “Billie” Muller   (

MUA & Hair         Toni Malt   (

Styling                   Natalie Trevis   (

Retouching          Studio AW

Assistant               Evelyn Garcia

Models                   Stefanie Ost

Paul Frangie