AIGNER SHOOT – AL ANIQA MAGAZINE (Zahrat Al Khaleej – Sub Edition)

I recently did an editorial photo-shoot for the Al Aniqa magazine with the handbag and jewelry brand, Aigner. (Note: I was not responsible for the cover shoot  (Photography: Hywell Waters)) This was also my first shoot working with my new … Continue reading

ANYTHING GOES! (crazy fashion fun)

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The Beauty of Light!

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Piaget Shoot – Arouss Magazine (Zaharat Al Khaleej)

I had the wonderful opportunity to work with a great team for the Zahrat Al Khaleej’s (Arouss) bridal edition with their amazing sponsor PIAGET.  This consisted of the cover and a 5 page spread. I pitched my idea to “The Final Fitting’ to the gracious Souha Abbas and she was very enthusiastic and happy with the concept. The concept I wanted to convey was a bride having her last fitting in an old “vintage  styled studio somewhere in Italy or Paris hence the vintage feel for the shoot. The classic design of the Piaget brand would tie in very well with the look! Souha sent it to Piaget and they were very happy with the concept.

A meeting was set up with the amazing Olivier Dolz, a French event and wedding planner who graciously let his team build us 5 amazing sets in HotCold Studios. We brainstormed how we the set should look like and as Olivier has so much experience in this field it was great to get his opinion. We decided that we would build the shell set the day before then we could change from look to look when needed. Diana, Olivier’s assistant was such a great help helping to put together the set and design, getting all the props together etc! They did an amazing job! We basically did 5 mockups the day before the shoot for the various looks we wanted to do, took snaps so that it would streamline the shoot on the day!

The jewelry pieces were truly beautiful. So true is the saying, Diamonds are girl’s best friend! We have had between DHS 20 – 30 million  worth of them in the studio! I even got to try on a DHS 6 million bracelet.

Our wonderful stylist for the shoot was the talented Natalie Trevis. I have worked with Natalie on a number of shoots and she is the consummate professional. She brought the most beautiful bridal gowns, so many that we were spoilt for choice. It gave us the freedom to experiment with different looks.

I also had a meeting with the makeup artist Rolla Farahat and good friend Toni Malt (hair) to discuss the look and feel of the shoot and what we wanted to do. It was my first time working with Rolla and she was a real pleasure and professional! Both the hair and makeup turned out beautiful and complimented the look perfectly!

Our gorgeous model for the Piaget shoot was Rene from Bareface. I have worked with Rene before on the “BOHO CHIC” shoot and she is a joy to work with. She brings an amazing energy to the shoot and has an ability to emote with the camera making my job so much easier!

Overall we were able to get in 9 different looks which was an enormous feat. I want to thank Souha for allowing me to prepare this concept for her and the Piaget team. Also to the team who worked so hard on the shoot! It was a great experience and a great time together!


MUA                                  ROLLA FARAHAT

HAIR                                 TONI MALT (BAREFACE)


MODEL                             RENEE BORISOVA (BAREFACE)

ASSISTANT                      EVELYN GARCIA



Additional Photos from the shoot

Ethereal Geihsaism!

Ethereal Geishaism

Ethereal Geishaism!
Ethereal Geishaism
Ethereal Geishaism!

Ethereal Geishaism!

I collaborated with Toni Malt, my good friend and fellow creative on a hair and makeup shoot called “Ethereal Geishasm” The look was a gradual progression experimenting with various black hair wig pieces combined with edgy, modern makeup with some interesting new techniques.


Our lovely model was Ira, originally from the Ukraine but currently resides in Dubai. She has worked in Europe for several years and is a joy to work with. Tall, slim and really works the room.

We shot in my studio with a simple beige background. The great thing about experimenting is that one can change if one feels that the light wont do the look justice.  The lighting consisting of a Profoto Acute 2400 pack, a strip light, beauty dish, hair light and my trusted silver sunbounce. The sunbounce really gives a kick to you photos when you want to lighten the shadows but keep up the fashion look. I shot with the D700 with the 85mm and 70- 200mm lenses and must say it is still a wonderful camera after all the new models that have come on the market since then!

Some behind the scenes photos

I want to thank Toni and Ira for all their hard work and was a pleasure working with them.

Photography                              Belinda Muller

Hair/ Makeup                           Toni Malt (Bareface)

Model                                          Ira (Bareface)