Sport shoot with OK! Magazine

I had once again had the privilege of working with the lovely Stefanie Ost on a sports shoot for OK! Magazine. I have worked with Stef on a couple of shoots and am always impressed by her professionalism and grace in the way she carries herself!  A true professional and a lovely one at that!

We were fortunate to have a great place, The Dubai Ladies Club to do our shoot in. Literally! Not everyday that an empty swimming pool comes to you disposal! After looking at the other facilities available to us we opted for the pool as the colors matched perfectly with the neon colors of the sportswear. The weather was great and the sheer net across the pool gave enough shade and diffusion to the high sun.

I used my trusted silver sunbounce for a high fashion look and pumped 3 speedlights in as fill on occasion to balance the light in Stephanie’s face. Toni did a great job with hair and makeup especially with the paint brush. I’m really enjoy working with her as she is always dedicated and willing to try new things and has a thing for “props” as yours truly. I always smile when I hear us talk about our adventures getting our props together for shoots!

Jen Haward from OK! Magazine was our stylist for the shoot and she brought with her an array of lovely items to work with. As always a joy to work with. Thanks to OK! Magazine ho published the shoot!

Thanks girls for a great day in the pool!

Photography                    Billie Muller

Hair/ MUA                        Toni Malt

Stylist                                  Jen Haward (OK! Magazine)

Model                                   Stefanie Ost

Assistant                             Evelyn Garcia

Here are some more photos from the shoot!


HAPPY NEW YEAR to all and a wonderful 2011!

I have wanted to do a boho/hippie shoot for a while now as fur is big news as well as a throwback to the seventies. Inspiration came from Stevie Nicks (Fleetwood Mac), Mamas & Papas with a contemporary take. Decided to build a bohemian cove in my studio which meant sourcing various props such as drapes, cushions, throws, etc to depict the mood. DragonMart in Dubai is a treasure trove when it comes to props. You are able to source anything there at a reasonable price. I was able to have curtains made to fit the mood. Some props came from my trusted prop cupboard as I am always on the look out for items that I can use on future shoots! Hamish Scott from Home Design once again graciously allowed me use some their Moroccan pouffes and throws as well.


The set took an afternoon to assemble. I decided to use a more directional light to create a more subtle mood to the light. So lighting existed of the broad light to fill in shadows and a Profoto strip box placed pre-dominantly on the models right side. I did move the light from time to time to stress the mood I was looking for!

Once again I had the privilege to work with some great creatives in Dubai fashion industry, namely. Toni Malt (Bareface) and Natalie Trevis (Stylephiles). Toni had and fantastic array of wigs, flowers to create our bohemian fell. We had an extensive choice of close to choose from with is always a great sign of things to come. Our model for the day was the lovely and professional Renee Borisova (Bareface). She has the most beautiful hair never been colored and is so healthy. She really captured the looks perfectly with her sensuous eyes.

I was very satisfied with the result. We definitely got the look we were after. This editorial was picked up by OK! Magazine Middle East and we would like to thank Jen Haward and OK! Magazine for their support.

A big THANK YOU to a wonderful team who put this great shoot together! You girls ROCK!

PHOTOGRAPHY                      BILLIE MULLER

MUA & HAIR                             TONI MALT (BAREFACE)

STYLING                                     NATALIE TREVIS (STYLEPHILES)

MODEL                                       RENEE BORISOVA (BAREFACE)

ASSISTANT                                EVELYN GARCIA


Additional Photos from the shoot


Black & White Classic Elegance!

As much as I love going out and doing more art and conceptual photography it is alway great to go back to the ‘classic photography’ but with a twist of course! Such was the case in this shoot that we did at HOTCOLD Studios in Dubai. There is something about the classic black & white photography that will last the test of time. The various shades of black, simulated through film (Agfa/Kodak/Ilford etc) with a bit of sepia thrown in the mix as well! My challenge with B&W is to try to keep the tones and texture as close as I can to film. I love this book The Master Printer’s BLACK & WHITE Workbook by Steve Macleod. He really gives you an insight into what it takes to get an exceptional Black & White print!

An example of a sepia that I experimented with!

When I think of B & W in fashion, Richard Avedon’s instinctively comes to mind. A genius and a master photographer who had the uncanny ability to bring out sometimes the most disturbing visuals in his subjects. He was acutely aware of the changes in fashion during the decades and had the uncannily ability to transcend that into his work! Remarkable since he began his fashion career after the World War 2 with Harpers Bazaar moving over to Vogue and other iconic fashion magazines. A truly rare gift! Even in his later years (1990’s) his ability for storytelling in fashion still ran very strong! I’ve watched videos and read books about the man and his work and really respect his work ethic!

One of his photography books, “Avedon – Fashion 1944 -2000 The definitive Collection” gives one a wonderful insight into how this genius used to work. A true inspiration for fashion photographers out there.

I had the privilege collaborating with Dubai based freelance makeup & hair artist Tonee Roberio on this shoot! Besides been a true professional and a craftsman at work he is a grounded and lovely person and a joy to work with!  Below is some example of his work.

The lovely model was Eva from Bareface who was very enthusiastic and professional throughout the shoot. A special thank you to Stefanie Forbes from Bareface for organizing the lovely models for the shoots. The styling was done by Mo Al Falasi and my trusted righthand Evelyn was there to help. HotCold Studios in Dubai was the scene for our shoot. I have rent equipment from them for a while now but it is my first using their studio. They are a great bunch of professionals who is always there to aid with any queries. I recommend using them, fully equipped and very accommodating especially with my Acute 600 batteries! Below are the final images from the shoot.

Photoshoot OK Magazine Iconic

I was privileged to be able to shoot for Ok Magazine at the amazing ICONIC store in Deira, City Centre. I love this place! Very trendy, vibrant, London high street stuff for a very reasonable price! Shooting in the shop itself presents its own set of logistically challenges as one must remember that shoppers are roaming around looking and you don’t want to intrude or offend them especially HERE!

We were an all girl power team and I must say I couldn’t have a more sweet and calm bunch to work with! Everyone knows their role and does what they do best! First Jenny Haward from OK who did our styling and knew exactly what she wanted! Toni, a very gifted hair & makeup artist who did the magic, Alexandra B from Bareface models, who I can understand is so popular! Not just a pretty face but professional and calm under any circumstances even when we had he up on a slippery perspex table playing mannequin! Evelyn who is always there as my righthand woman!

The look is edgy and even can go for the modern eighties with all the colors but it all tied in together. I was given free rein to experiment with the brief which is very liberating! From lying underneath a railing of dresses to climbing my trusted ladder for extra height (those of us who are height challenged) it was amazing to see how the light falls in different directions. We discovered a little empty corner behind some heavy chains painted matt black. After an first adjustment to get us all in there and nearly “falling over a fake wall” I decided the beauty dish and the spot light (which I adjust to work as a hair light would do the trick!) As they say “a happy accident”! The escalator shot had a big advertising board on the right with the reflection hitting on to the escalator, served a reflector of sorts!

At the end of the day we got the shots we wanted and was very happy with the result. It was amazing to work with such a great group of girls!

Here are behind the scenes shots

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An Elegant Story! 6 July 2010

Well I’m really late in the game with all the blogging but what the heck never too late to start. Been a really busy time for me lately but also so rewarding as I get to work with wonderful creative people.
I was priviledged to be part of a great shoot done in the studio. Time scheduling was a bit hectic but was able to organize everything in a couple of days! I co-ordinate with Mo Al Farasi from Brisbane initially and then here in Dubai on the look and feel of the shoot. As we wanted something elegant but edgy! I must be honest I wasn’t sure if we would be able to get all the clothes but oh my did Mo come through for us BIG time!! A whole $70 000 worth of merchandise! From D&G to Ezra and let’s not get started on the shoes! Louboutin etc. I was needless to say over the moon.
I “built” the set and did a bit of painting which I rarely do these days. After recovering from all the paints vapors I proceeded to decorate the set accordingly. I would like to thank Hamish from Home Design at the Mall of the Emirates who graciously allowed us to use their furniture pieces for the set! They have some awesome stuff! Guys who know me knows I am always on the lookout for props or anything interesting to use on my shoots. These guys have it! Thanks Candice for introducing me to the store!
Hot and Cold Rental have great gear and wonderful staff in terms of lighting. Jessica Tabla did a amazing job with hair & makeup and our lovely model, Stefanie is such a professional she made my work even more enjoyable!
I experimented with different lights, speedlights, my trusted friends, gels to make one look flow into another. Oh, I forgot the fogger definitely gave some drama in some shots especially when you’re holding the camera, directing the model and pressing the fogger switch with your Big Toe! Multitasking is what we girls do best!

I may say I am really happy with the final result and we were a great team! Thanks guys for all the hard work and energy put into the shoot! The results show for itself!