One Brand – Two Different Lighting Setups (Swarovski – Rotana Magazine)

Rarely does a photographer get to shoot a brand for different magazines and different lighting setups in a 2 week span but it’s exciting to see what one can do! I was asked to fill in the day before for … Continue reading

Test shoot – Style Personified

I recent collaborated with a talented new Hair & makeup artist in Dubai, Manuel Losada on a test shoot. It’s always great to work with new talent and watch them grow! Our lovely model was the sweet Aida from MMG … Continue reading

Aigner Shoot for Aniqa Magazine (ZAK)

Sometimes things happens on a shoot that you didn’t see coming but in the end its up to you as the photographer to make it work and get on with the job. This was the case here with my recent shoot for Aigner jewelry for the Aniqa Magazine. Moodboard sent to client for approval, models and place booked, going to site to find spots to shoot = ALL SET! You would think? Arrive on day of the shoot and everyone arrives except the female model! No word, no nothing! Well this was a first for me and as they say there is always a first time for everything. Gave a 1/2 hour then called the booker for alternate options, obviously crucial that we pick someone with a similar frame to the selected model then sent through to client for approval.

We were fortunate to have the lovely Bruno from MMG events who was a trooper and the lovely model to fill in was Lidiana from Bareface. I have worked with Lidi last year on the Piaget shoot for Arouss and she is a consummate professional. Got to the site which was the Ritz Carlton DIFC and sailed in as if nothing had happened!

I had a fantastic creative team who worked with me on the shoot. The lovely Natalie Trevis who was responsible for the styling, the makeup and hair magician, SHINDESU and my righthand assistant, Evelyn. They are really an asset to any shoot, super calm and professional in their work and on set!

I also want to thank the lovely Andrea Bruce from The Ritz Carlton, DIFC who graciously put us up in a lovely room and organized us the all the refreshments and a delicious lunch. I am always happy working at both Ritzes in Dubai they really have excellent staff!

Lighting was a mix a Nikon SB 900 flashes and the Profoto B3 Battery pack. I also used a small reflector for fill in some shots.

A lovely creative team always a joy working with you guys!
Photography/ Art Direction – Belinda Muller
Styling – Natalie Trevis
Hair/ Makeup – Shindesu
Models – Lidiana (Bareface)/ Bruno (MMG Events)
Assistant – Evelyn Garcia
Brand – Aigner
Client – Swizz Watches

L’Officiel Magazine Middle East – Jessica Michelle Kahawaty (Miss Australia World)

I recently had the privilege of doing my first L’Officiel C Middle East over shoot for both the English and Arabic Editions. For those who don’t know L’Officiel is one of the oldest magazine brands out there. Been around since 1920’s bringing consistent great editorials and content so I was super excited to be part of the team!

The re-launch issues cover story was about the lovely  and talented Jessica Michelle Kahawaty (Miss Australia World)   Jessica was placed 3rd in the 2012 Miss World competition. She is also now the host of 2 Yahoo shows, ‘omg! NOW’ and ‘omg! NUJOOM’ which will be airing shortly. An absolute delight to work with and such a sweet soul, must say she made everyone’s life easy on set.

076-085AR_OME_JESSICA_ss_fnl_Page_1 076-085AR_OME_JESSICA_ss_fnl_Page_3 076-085AR_OME_JESSICA_ss_fnl_Page_2 076-085AR_OME_JESSICA_ss_fnl_Page_4I was assisted by a lovely creative team who made this shoot possible. The artistic director for this shoot was stylish Samar Sadik, great team of Dresscode by Farah, Farah Kabir and Oscar Badibanga, my assistant Evelyn, the sweet Katie Cousins who did the makeup and the talented Shindesu who was responsible for the hair and the wind machine. Been wanting to work with Shin for a while so was elated when he came on board, such a calm soul and creative soul!

Our studio for the shoot was the newly built HotCold Studio in Al Quoz. Definitely my favorite studio in Dubai with all the equipment you need, super friendly service and a BIG plus Dog Friendly as well!! Needles to say my little one Assie came with to add the charm factor!


The light coming through the windows was amazing and an added bonus the slight film of sand on the window created a wonderful diffusion of the light. I added some fill with large white and silver foamcore reflectors, and later add some more fill with the SB 900 flashes at 1/8 stop on Manual Mode. Overall was a great day with a lovely group of creatives and a lovely editorial! Here are extra photos from the shoot!


Some behind the scenes shots

Jessica goofing around!


A big thank you to all who was involved in this shoot, Kudos to you guys!

Photography                                Belinda Muller                   

Art Direction                                 Samar Sadik

Makeup                                          Katie Cousins

Hair                                               Shindesu

Styling                                            Farah Kabir and Oscar Badi    Dresscode by Farah.

Model                                           Jessica Kahawaty

Assistant                                       Evelyn Garcia

Location                                         HOTCOLD Studio


Voyeuristic Intentions – Glacier Magazine

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