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Test shoot – Style Personified

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An Opulent Affair – Kurv Magazine

kurv001 kurv002 kurv003 kurv004

I recently did a shoot “An Opulent Affair” which has recently been published in the recent issue of KURV Magazine (Australia).  The theme was inspired by the movie English Patient period with a “lonely isolated woman” wandering around in her desert surroundings. This is my 3rd time been published with them and as always its an honor to be in such a beautiful magazine. A big thank you to Nicholas Sage and Nic Davies for all their support. It’s especially special as our lovely model is the fantastic Lydia Hunt who is a fellow Aussie and really made this shoot! The fantastic team consisted of Sleiman Dayaa who was responsible for styling, all clothing from (Bugati Store) (Dubai), the hair stylist magician, Mike Toro, and the lovely makeup artist Ieva Nemciauskaite.

Here is the teams inspirations for the shoot

“My inspiration for these looks was a strong, independent but at the same time fragile woman, who wants to escape from her cage and be somebody else at least for one day.”
Products used:
Face: Make up forever
Cheeks: Mac
Eyes: Mac, Kryolan
Lips: Mac, Nars

“Considering the opulent jewelry and gowns, I started with the natural curly look that moves with the wind and later raised the hair to show the details of the jewelry and the gowns. The styles also had to be compatible with windy desert that could be aggressive and messy. I raised style to give the model a more glamorous look to show her powerful beauty while she struggles against the cruel wind forces in the desert.”

Lighting consisted of natural light and as silver Sunbounce, and a Profoto 7b Battery kit and a Beauty dish with grid for the sunset shots. We were blessed with an amazing sunset but goes down so quickly.

Here are some extras photos from the shoot.

lydia hunt (186 of 334v) lydia hunt (117 of 334b) lydia hunt (16 of 334) lydia hunt (96 of 334a) lydia hunt (60) lydia hunt (2 of 334)aa

Some behind the scenes photos of creatives at work.

kurv005 kurv006 kurv007

A BIG BIG Thank you to an amazing bunch of creatives and such a joy to be around and create great work together!!


Photography/Art Direction        Belinda Muller  (
Styling                                             Sleiman Dayaa
Makeup                                           Ieva Nemciauskaite

Hair                                                 Mike Toro
Model                                              Lydia (Bareface)
Assistants                                       Werner Muller/Evelyn Garcia

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