How collaboration is vital for great for personal growth

Some creatives isolate themselves in their craft creating amazing work in their own comfort zone. Others get motivated with other creatives who inspire and add to the creative process to create great work in equal measure. I find myself somewhere in the middle,  enjoying the “quiet” moments and collaborating with like-minded creatives. Working on commercial editorials, the collaboration is more focused on the clients and brands needs. Personal work opens up more opportunities to produce work which reflects one’s style and vision. This does not mean less focus, it actually pushes you more as each creative brings their energy, time, art to the process. If one is not working in sync then the co-operation is altered and the outcome is not always what you envisaged. That’s why it’s so important to have the creatives around you who bring 100 percent to your project, which makes your input even more vital to be at your best. Mediocrity is not an option.

erica shot 1_35

Our recent project was a product of such a collaboration. The process was organic and the brief was open to each creative’s interpretation of what they wanted from the shoot. We had some rough inspiration ideas but the rest was mostly up to them to tie the total look together.

One of our lovely models was Erica from Wilhelmina Models Dubai, who brought a wonderful youthful energy to the shoot. Confident in her own skin she moved gracefully though out the shoot.

Our other lovely model was Sara from MMG Eventz in Dubai. She is originally from Poland but is currently based in Lyon, France. We only had her a short while but she graciously stayed for a couple of looks.

erica and sara-345 erica and sara-374

My current personal work has mostly been shot in natural window light with some silver and white fill with white foam core. I have consciously done this to challenge myself to make the most out of natural light as I shoot mostly with strobes on my commercial work. I have also used the painted backdrops but adapted the tonality in post for the look I wanted to achieve. Since this shoot I have painted more backdrops and will blog about the process in a future blog post.



erica and sara-428a erica shot 1_7

Helga Bosman is one of the very talented hair stylists based in Dubai. A creative with wild ideas but a good sense of what she likes and not scared of sharing her insight and expertise in fashion shows, movies and clients is invaluable.  A wicked sense of humor to boot makes a shoot an enjoyable and fun experience.


Helga working on her lovely creations

Sweet Natasha Zaki is an emerging makeup artist from Britain who has recently settled in Dubai. Was very excited collaborating with us on the shoot.


Natasha and Erica making magic


We were also very fortunate that the amazing creative designer,  Furne Amato graciously allowed us to use some of stunning dresses and accessories for this shoot.  Amato Couture is one of the premier designer brands whose clients range from Katy Perry to Beyonce.


Overall it was a great creative day feeding off each others energy to produce some lovely work. A big thank you to everyone who was part of this shoot.

Photography Belinda Muller

Hair Helga Bosman

Makeup Natasha Zaki


Erica (Wilhelmina Models Dubai)

Sara (MMG Eventz)


Assistant (Evelyn Garcia)

Dresses and Accessories  Amato Haute Couture

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