Teagan Photoshoot

We recently did a hair and makeup testshoot with a beautiful new model. I spotted her on the Bareface, Dubai website and her face intrigued me. It was definitely Teagan’s gorgeous freckles that peaked my interest! I was surprised when I heard she was only 12 year old!

teagan final edits007 teagan final edits003 teagan final edits004 teagan final edits010 teagan final edits005 teagan final edits002

Working with such a young model there is a lot to be mindful of. I definitely did not want to do ‘adult’ movement poses and verbal instructions but wanted to show in her beauty in a more artistic but natural way! The mood board was a guideline but the creatives could improvise within those boundaries Teagan has a very expressive face so her lovely expressions came very naturally and she was an absolute joy to work with. And she is already 5ft8in!

The mood board was a guideline but the creatives could improvise within those boundaries.

teagan_Page_3 teagan_Page_4

Lidia Trzos, MakeUp ART was responsible of the lovely makeup. We wanted to accentuate Teagan’s beautiful blue eyes but keep the skin very natural to show her freckles! I have following her great work and wanted to work with her for a while! My dear friend and talented creative Mike Toro did the stunning hair styles. He is a real magician with hair and such a humble person who is such a joy to collaborate with.


Once again we had the privilege to have lovely clothing pieces from Garderobe Dubai. A big thank you to Micha who allowed us to use their clothes.

Lighting was natural light with sun bounce for fill and blackboard to bring out shadows. I am deliberately working with natural light to  giving the look a more organic feel.

A big thank you to everyone who worked on this shoot. Very happy with the final result


Mike had to leave early but Teagan’s gran joined us for the group shot

Model Teagan (Bareface)

Makeup Lidia Trzos , Make UP Art

Hair Mike Toro

Clothes courtesy Garderobe (Dubai)

Assistant Evelyn Garcia

© Belinda Muller Photography

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