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We waited quite a while for this editorial but it was worth the wait! Kurv Magazine published our story which is something very different having a “bald women in a fashion shoot” definitely not the norm but it’s great to push the boundaries on what one can do! We did this shoot in Ras Al Khaimah at a well known airstrip. An old Russian plane was used as a backdrop to highlight the aged surroundings. Inspiration for the shoot came from a beautiful female alien trying to find her way home in an apocalyptic place where everything has been destroyed but she remains stylish amongst the “rubble”.  Our “gorgeous” alien was dresses in Saint Laurent, Marc Jacobs, Celine and Max Mara to name a few of the brands.

silja alien ad-83f silja alien ad-104f silja alien ad-145f silja alien ad-197f

IMG_0296 IMG_0279

The model had to have a striking face with a strong expression for an androgynous look, this combined with edgy masculine pieces completed the story. It was a quick clothing change as we has a limited amount of time on the airfield.

Silja’s face structure is stunning and gorgeous and she was the perfect model for the bald alienesque look. We wanted to make her still look beautiful but more high fashion to fit the theme. She was such a joy to work with and a clever beauty to boot who jumped up and down off old plane tyres while avoiding the bird “droppings” in the process!

Styling was done by the ever energetic and sweet Sleiman Dayaa and hair and makeup was done by lovely Jean Zammit.

Lighting was natural light with a bit of fill with the sun bounce.

Overall very happy with the final results and super chuffed that Kurv Magazine published this shoot! Thanks to all the wonderful creatives who made this shoot happen.

Photography & Art Direction
Belinda Muller (belindamulerphotography.com)
Styling                 Sleiman Dayaa
Hair/ Makeup   Jean Zammit
Model                  Silja(Bareface, Dubai)
Assistant             Evelyn Garcia

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