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I recently produced and photographed the Loreal Paris Middle East Bridal Looks 2014 in collaboration with Loreal Paris ME and LOfficiel Middle East. We had 10 hairstylists from Loreal Middle East region from Tunisia to Saudi Arabia, 10 different models from 5 model agencies for 10 looks, makeup from Lancome, beautiful dresses from Esposa and jewelry from Istana, Dubai shot at HotCold Studio in Dubai. The shoot was organized over 2 days with one day prep for hair. Planning already started 4 months before.

We had a total of 50 people for both days. It was like having the United Nations all together!


As we were shooting in a Daylight studio, I only used white foam core walls for fill. We wanted to keep the look very clean and simple with the occasional prop in the form of a white frame and flowers sponsored by Esposa and The One. Logistically is was a great challenge with the occasional curve ball but in the end proved to be a very successful shoot. The Supplement is out now in all Loreal Paris ME Salons in the Middle East Region.

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I would like to thank all the sponsors who allowed us to use the their jewelry, gowns and makeup and support. Also to agencies who supplied us with the lovely models.


Istana Jewelers, Dubai

Lancome Makeup

Loreal Paris ME

Pencil Pr

Wilhelmina Models Dubai

MMG Eventz

LMM Models

Bareface Dubai

Diva Models

Producer and Photography        Belinda Muller

Styling Assistant                           Sevime Eido

Assistant                                        Evelyn Garcia

Makeup                                          Lancome

Models                                           Cynthia, Paige & Pamela (Wilhelmina Models, Dubai)

Silja (Bareface)

Graciela, Maya & Zeljana (MMG Eventz)

Vesna & Coralia (Diva Models)

Nesrine (LMM Models)

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