La Bella Belen – Test shoot


belen-153 belen-106 belen-140-2 belen-68

My recent test shoot was with an adorable model from Wilhelmina Models Dubai called Belen. A beautiful soul with such a lovely energy on set even when communication was sometimes tricky. She is from Santiago, Chile and has that beautiful exotic crossover look that works so well.

belen-67a belen-27 belen-189bbbs belen-54a

I was aiming for create a paintry portrait inspired by the old paintings of Vermeer and Rembrandt but with a modern twist. The lighting was quite a departure than what I usually do in studio. I decided not use any lights just natural daylight with black boards for some shadow and reflector for some fill. I have lovely light that comes through my home during the day creating a lovely pool of light. I placed Belen further from the window as I wanted to create softer light. Simple but effective. Also used a higher ISO than I usually use between 400 – 800 and kept the F stop between 3.2 and 3.5 for a shallow depth of field  to create a painterly style of portrait look.

My backgrounds were painted canvases that I had painted weeks before to enhance to look that I was after.


1981921_10152028166418613_1774244383_n 1002646_10152028166058613_469124786_n

Our lovely hair and makeup artist for the day was the lovely Thu Trask. A big thank you to Micha from Garderobe, Dubai who allowed us to use some of their lovely pieces, from Burberry to Lanvin. Amazing shop with fantastic staff.

I want to thank my lovely team who helped create a lovely series of portraits.

Photography & Art Direction    Belinda Muller

Model    Belen Sandoval Jara Wilhelmina Models Dubai

Hair & Makeup      Thu Track

Assistant   Evelyn Garcia

Clothes courtesy of Garderobe

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