Eid Al Adha Shoot – Zahrat Al Khaleej Children’s Supplement (October 2013)

ATFAL-2013-Final_Page_1 ATFAL-2013-Final_Page_2 ATFAL-2013-Final_Page_3 ATFAL-2013-Final_Page_4 ATFAL-2013-Final_Page_5 ATFAL-2013-Final_Page_6 ATFAL-2013-Final_Page_7

I recently shot a children’s’ winter supplement editorial for Eid Al Adra for Zahrat Al Khaleej Magazine. The theme was based on a children’s afternoon high tea with all the children’s goodies that they enjoy.

Moodboard afternoon tean party ZAK.005 Moodboard afternoon tean party ZAK.007 Moodboard afternoon tean party ZAK.008 Moodboard afternoon tean party ZAK.009

The children were adorable, full of energy and excited to be on the shoot. We had done a fitting with some the day before so they we knew which pieces would fit with who.

The shoot took place at The Ritz Carlton, Jumeirah. I enjoy working there as the staff are super helpful and friendly and it helps to know the location well! Mary Rose from The Ritz was my contact point for the day.

zak images.004 zak images.003 zak images.002 zak images.001

A big thank you to everyone who helped on this shoot, we had lots of fun!

kid suplement zak-206

Photography/Art Direction  Belinda Muller (www.belindamullerphotography.com)

MUA                                         Maryam Shane

Styling                                       Sam Kientsch

Models                                     Bailey, Layla, Noa and Jasmine

Assistant                                   Evelyn Garcia

Brands                                      Il Gufo, Simonetta, FENDI, Paul Smith, Little Marc Jacobs, Hackett, Timberland and BOSS

Location                                   The Ritz Carlton, Jumeirah

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