One Brand – Two Different Lighting Setups (Swarovski – Rotana Magazine)

Final Swarovski Rotana001 Final Swarovski Rotana002 Final Swarovski Rotana004 Final Swarovski Rotana005

Rarely does a photographer get to shoot a brand for different magazines and different lighting setups in a 2 week span but it’s exciting to see what one can do! I was asked to fill in the day before for a photographer who couldn’t do the shoot with Swarovski so I had a limited time to look at the moodboard and get my thoughts around how I wanted to shoot the pieces. The good thing was that I shot the brand earlier in the month for L’Officiel so I had a good idea what the client wanted and how to adhere to the strict guidelines for the shoot. Shooting jewelry pieces is usually requires a different approach as the focus is on the jewelry not the clothing but the clothes need to compliment the pieces as well.

The moodboard indicated a very dark background and as we were shooting against a white background the logically conclusion would be to shoot with one directional light source. I decided on the Profoto beauty dish with a grid and diffuser cloth to hone the light in on the jewelry pieces with a slight spill off on the right. I opted for not using a hair light as the jewelry pieces was my focus for the shots! I also gave slight fill in some shots with a large white foamcore board.


The client chose to do their own clothing for the styling. Our lovely makeup artist was Maria Shane another talented freelancer in Dubai and the adorable model was Renata from MMG Eventz. worked with her on another editorial which will be coming out soon. Renata recently came fourth in The Next Top Model (Poland).

renata swarovski low res

Assie charming the girls as usual!

This shoot was published in the Rotana Magazine October Issue.

Thanks to a great team who worked on this shoot!

Photography                               Belinda Muller

Hair                                               Chrystal Lounge

MUA                                              Maria Shane

Model                                            Renata (MMG Eventz)

Assistants                                     Evelyn Garcia

Brand                                            Swarovski

renata swarovski low res-130

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