Test shoot – Style Personified

Aida HI RES MCQ_v1 AIDA HI RES RES-23_v1 AIDA HI RES RES-34_v1 AIDA HI RES RES-46_v1 AIDA HI RES RES-70_v1 copy AIDA HI RES RES-81_v2 AIDA HI RES RES-122_v1 AIDA HI RES RES-133_v1 AIDA HI RES RES-157_v1 aida-3_v1 AIDA HI RES RES-43_v1

I recent collaborated with a talented new Hair & makeup artist in Dubai, Manuel Losada on a test shoot. It’s always great to work with new talent and watch them grow! Our lovely model was the sweet Aida from MMG Events. The gracious ladies from Havas and Garderobe allowed us to use some of the beautiful pieces which included Paule Ka, Nina Ricci,  Lanvin, Alexander McQueen and a vintage Chanel Suit.

IMG_0850 IMG_0851

The lighting setup was very simple one softbox to the left with a Profoto Acute 2400 pack. We shoot in my villa/studio with a textured black backdrop.

Aida goofing around!

AIDA bts.001 AIDA bts.003

A big thank you to a lovely team of creatives!

Photography                                Belinda Muller   www.belindamullerphotography.com

Hair/Makeup                                Manuel Losada

Model                                            Aida (MMG Events)

Assistant                                       Evelyn Garcia

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