Product Shoot – L’Officiel Middle East (August/September Issue)

Products 001 Products 002 Products 003 Products 004 Products 005 Products 006 Products 007 Products 008 Products 009 Products 010 Products 011 Products 012 Products 013

Product shoots are not for everyone and I can definitely see why! But when we you have a great team, patience and a sense of humor, it can go a long way to make a great shoot! We had a great team on our recent shoot with L’Officiel August/ September Issue at HotCold Studio in Al Quoz. We even had our lovely stylist, Natalie Trevis pitching in as our leg model. Helps to be 6 feet tall in the first place!

bts lo.007

We had the range of lovely pieces including $ 27 000,00 Pink Crocodile Fendi Bag! Felt a little uneasy shooting this piece visualising all the crocies waddling around!

bts lo.006 bts lo.005 bts lo.001

The wonderful guys at HotCold Studio were great with help and assistance, always enjoy working there!

bts lo.008 bts lo.002 bts lo.003

Thanks to a great team who work on this shoot!

Photography                                Belinda Muller

Art Direction                                Samar Sadik

Styling                                           Natalie Trevis

Assistant                                       Evelyn Garcia

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