Voyeuristic Intentions – Glacier Magazine

Super excited to have our shoot published in Glacier Magazine based in Toronto, Canada. The theme for this shoot was based on people’s obsession with Reality TV and to be famous by putting yourself out there in more ways than one! I wanted it to be a black and white editorial to make it make contrasty and edgy.

This shoot was a challenge in more ways than one. Police, direct car head lights and flare, cold, to name a few but very happy with the result. Our scene was a hoarded construction site complete with roads, lights and enough privacy to get experimental. I did a trial to test potential lighting setups and to get a feel for the lighting situations as we were shooting in a mainly poorly lit site. The police paid us a visit but was in a jovial mood as the UAE had just won the GCC championship the night before!

My assistant Assie on the lookout for potential trouble!

My assistant Assie on the lookout for potential trouble!

Props consisted of my trusted fog machine and a small TV which I also tested and a medium size mirror. Turns out the fogger is a power-hungry machine which drained the power of my Profoto Bat Pac quite quickly after a few shots. So combining the two was not ideal. Plan B and a back up was needed to find a strong enough fog to carry through the flare and lights in the night. Nothing like some incense cubes to do the trick and we had a fragrant atmosphere although I felt like I had smoked a couple of shish with all the fumes!

Testing the fogger and TV!

Testing the fogger and TV!

It’s the time of year when it gets quite chilly at night as it’s our winter here and it was quite nippy out there. We also had to contend the high humidity which can create havoc with the lights so we had to keep them as dry as possible.

We positioned the two cars at the back to create flare with the Profoto 7B to my left and my 3 SB900 speed-lights shot through an opaque umbrella just behind me for fill. I wanted some strong shadows in some of the shots where with others I wanted more fill. It’s not easy trying to keep your focus while you’re squinting straight into bright head lights of a car but we all suffer for our craft!

Our fantastic team existed of Sleiman Dayaa who did the styling, Ieva Nemciauskaite, who did hair and makeup, the lovely Anastasia who was our model from (So-Famous/Wilhelmina Models) and my assistants Evelyn and my dear hubby Werner.

A special thank you to Garderobe (Dubai) and Bugatti (Dubai) for allowing us to use their lovely merchandise. To Emily Traver, publisher at Glacier Magazine for her support and publishing this shoot and a BIG thank you to a fantastic team who made it all possible.

Photography/Art Direction        Belinda Muller
Styling                                             Sleiman Dayaa
Hair/Makeup                                 Ieva Nemciauskaite
Model                                              Anastasia (So-Famous/Wilhelmina Models)
Assistants                                       Werner Muller
Evelyn Garcia

A great team!

Strike a pose!

Strike a pose!

Anastasia getting hugs to stay warm!

Anastasia getting hugs to stay warm!

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