I have noticed a shift in the fashion industry recently toward more stronger graphic elements in recent editorials. Maybe it’s due to the world’s “financial situation” but I would like to think there is people also thinking out of the box and keeping up with the ever shifting world which is fashion. Work of visionaries such as Nick Knight and Daniel Sannwald shows the endless possibilities that multifaceted creatives can bring to the world of fashion.


Coming from a graphic design and commercial art background I was very excited about this shoot to incorporated this styles into my shoot.  Going back to my roots so to speak. I shot all the shots against a white background and incorporated the graphic elements later via Photoshop. Lighting consisted of a Profoto Octabank, Profoto Beauty Dish and Profoto Acute 2400 pack.

I had a great team on the shoot. The lovely Michelle Waldon who did the makeup, Mike Torro who was responsible for the hair and the lovely model Stefanie, CEO from So Famous. I always feel honored to work with a great creatives. We shot at Gulf Photo Studios.

The lovely vintage pieces from a small boutique Garderobe in Dubai. “Garderobe is a pre-loved designer wear boutique for stylish women housing upscale clothing, shoes, bags and accessories from world known designers. We carry recognized brands such as Chanel, Hermes and Balenciaga or up-coming designers such as Alexander Wang, Phillip Lim and Elisabeth&James.”

We were also privileged that IN Magazine published this editorial. Ahmed Abou Naja, publisher of Future Publishing has always been a strong supporter of my work. This issue really rocks! Also went to  the launch of the Fomo Issue at Movida Club in Dubai.



Two of my fellow creatives, Sleiman Dayaa and Kristina Steis who worked on the Vampyres Memoir shoot together at the Fomo Issue at IN Magazine launch

Thanks to an amazing team who made this shoot possible

Photography & Art Direction      

                            Belinda Muller  (www.bdstudiophotography.com)
Hair                   Mike Toro

Makeup           Michele Waldron

Assistant        Evelyn Garcia
Model              Stefanie  (So-Famous)

Location          GULF PHOTO PLUS (DUBAI)


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