PIAGET WINTER COLLECTION 12/13 “Arouss” Magazine Zahrat Al Khaleej

I was fortunate again to be part of a great creative team shoot the Piaget Winter 2012/13 for “Arouss” Magazine Zahrat Al Khaleej for Souha Abbas, Manager of the Special Editions Division at Abu Dhabi Media, publisher of Zahrat Al Khaleej,.

“Distributed free of charge with the regular Zahrat Al Khaleej magazine, each independent special edition magazine covers a different topic of interest to Zahrat Al Khaleej readers, including bridal, fashion & beauty, and watches & jewellery.

Circulating 70,000 copies each across the UAE, the special edition magazines are produced by an expert team of freelancers and world-renowned photographers from across Europe and the Middle East, and contain the perfect balance of high-end, quality editorial content, luxury photo-shoots, and exclusive fashion, lifestyle and beauty spreads.

Piaget had brought beautiful pieces and quite varied as well! I was able to shoot again at the lovely Burlesque Store that has one of a kind funky furniture in Dubai.

Our lovely team consisted of Mandi Kingsbury, one of the foremost stylists here in Dubai, Mike Toro who was responsible for hair, Katie Cousins who did makeup, the lovely model Lidiana from Bareface and my trusted assistant Evelyn. I love this impromptu shot below shows Lidiana’s classic beauty which made her a perfect fit for this shoot.

Lidiana relaxing while her hair is been done

Lighting consisted of a Profoto Ringflash and a Profoto Acute 2400 Kit.

Thanks to a great team who made this shoot possible

Photography & Art Direction      

                            Belinda Muller  (
Hair                   Mike Toro

Makeup            Katie Cousins
Stylist                Mandi Kingsbury
Photographer’s assistant    

                             Evelyn Garcia
Models              Lidiana  (Bareface)

Location          BURLESQUE (DUBAI)

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