I received fantastic news last week that my “Vampyres Memoir “ series received a 3rd place in the Special (Digitally Enhanced category) in the recent International Photography Awards 2012 competition. This project has been very personal to me and proves the point that one needs to shoot whats important and true to you as a creative. For more on this shoot, please go to this link

I also received 3 Honorable Mentions for my “Aristo Deco”, ‘The Fire from Within” and “Ethereal Geishaism”. I feel very honored to receive these accolades.

The entries year have been phenomenal with between 15000 and 18000 entries and 80 judges to judge the various categories! They also have the Moving Image award which has produced some amazing stories as well. The winners of the main categories listed below will compete for IPA’s top award of International Photographer of the Year. Congratulations to all the winners and the finalists for the converted IPA top award!

A special THANK YOU to all the wonderful creatives who made these shoots possible. You guys are truly inspirational and talented. The amazing Kristina Steis, Marius Strydom, Ira Gradskaya, Chrystel Livolsi, Perle Battistella, Michelle Waldron, Katie Cousins, Sleiman Dayaa, Marie Helgebrugge, Nicole Philies, Mike Toro, Evelyn Garcia, Renee Dunshea  and Toni Malt.


  1. Congratulations!!!! Your work is very inspiring! Great how you know how to capture your creativity into such amazing photos. Am long way from that, just starting with regular photography. So inspiring what real photo-ARTIST like you can do!!! Thanks!!!

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