Vampyres Memoir!

This shoot themed “Vampyres Memoir” was inspired by one of my favorite female singers, Annie Lennox moving, emotive song,  “Love Song for a Vampire”, which was also the theme song to one of the best Vampire movies ever made “Bramstokers Dracula” by Francis Ford Coppola. The music and movie were a perfect match, visually and creatively.  I wanted to create a vintage feel for the shoot taken from an old chapter from a ‘vampires memoir’ depicting his love for a woman and his fear of that she would reject him if she sees him in his “true” form.

I was fortunate to be able to work the wonderful Marius Strydom from South Africa who was here in Dubai for a couple of weeks to be my vampire for the shoot.  He has most unusual features with his pale skin, red curly hair (which is now blonde for model assignments) and amazing freckles! He was an absolute trooper on this shoot and was perfect for the look I was looking to make. His “love interest” was the gorgeous Kristina from Bareface who suited the role to the tea. They made a great match and worked together perfectly!

The hair stylist magician was the sweet Mike Torro who makes hairstyling a breeze and makeup and special effects was the talented Michelle Waldron. Our stylist for this shoot was the sweet Sleiman Dayaa who did a great job and his lovely assistant Renee Dunshea.

My lighting setup consisted of 2 Profoto striplights, 2 x 2400 Profoto Packs and a Profoto Beauty Dish for fill.  My background was a beige textured canvas I got from Satwa.  The vintage feel was added in post processing to achieve to look I was after.

We had great time and fun on this shoot! Thanks to a wonderful creative team who helped to make this shoot possible.

Photography & Art Direction       Belinda Muller  (
Makeup                                                 Michelle Waldron 

Stylist                                                     Sleiman Dayaa

                                                                 All clothing (Bugati (Dubai))
Stylist assistant                                  Renee Dunshea
Photographer’s assistant               Evelyn Garcia
Models                                                  Kirstina Steis/ Marius Strydon

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