Arista Deco – IN MAGAZINE

I have been really excited about this editorial, “ARSITA DECO”  I recently shot with an amazing group of creatives! Equally excited that the wonderful publisher,  Ahmed Abou Naja from IN Magazine published it in their latest issue!

Been a great admirer of ILLUSTRATORS, especially the “traditional” ones from the early 20th century, this shoot was inspired by my favorite, the fantastically talented Russian/French Illustrator Erte. He was a true artist in every facet of his craft, from illustration to costume design, sculpture to jewelry design, who also designed Harpers Bazaar covers for 22 years. He is also known as the father of the ART DECO period in terms of design, illustration and costume design. I wanted to do a shoot inspired by his creative and inspiring sketches and designs during the twenties and thirties but also adding illustrative effects to enhance the period look.

I was fortunate to have my dear friend and stylist, Chrystel Livolsi working on this shoot. After meeting with her to discuss the concept , I was pleasantly surprised with her excitement on the theme! It’s always great that a stylist gets your vision for a shoot.

We initially wanted to shoot outdoors but on the day we had the Mother of all Sandstorms and was completely bunkered indoors. My home became the makeshift studio which landed up to be real bonus in term of post production.

I had a great team working together on this shoot! Besides Chrystel and her lovely daughter Perle who assisted her, we had the talented Michele Waldron for hair/makeup, the lovely models Kristina and Jovana, whom I had worked with before on earlier shoots and the sweet Marie Hellbrugge (a great model), assistant for the day and Evelyn.

The matte black wall created a perfect background for the beautiful gowns we used on the shoot. We were once again blessed to able to use the talented Amato couture gowns for this shoot which worked perfectly!

Lighting consisted on a single Profoto Beauty Dish with a grid and diffuser and the Profoto Aute 2400 pack as well.

Thanks to a super team who worked so hard on this shoot. It was a real pleasure working with you guys!

Photography & Art Direction      Belinda Muller  (
Hair/Makeup                                     Michelle Waldron 
Stylist                                                    Chrystel Livolsi  (
Stylist assistant                                 Perle Battistella
Photographer’s assistant              Evelyn Garcia/ Marie Hellbrugge
Models                                                Kirstina Steis/ Jovana Hiesmayr (Bareface)

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