AIGNER SHOOT – AL ANIQA MAGAZINE (Zahrat Al Khaleej – Sub Edition)

I recently did an editorial photo-shoot for the Al Aniqa magazine with the handbag and jewelry brand, Aigner.

(Note: I was not responsible for the cover shoot  (Photography: Hywell Waters)) This was also my first shoot working with my new Nikon D800 and I was super excited taking it through it’s paces. A lot has been written about the D800 on the web has been mostly positive but as this was my first camera upgrade in a couple of years  I was eager to see if Nikon had addressed all the photographer’s requests. I can definitely say it has. The detail is amazing where one can see individual pores on the skin at 100%. It’s lighter than the D700 but has an excellent grip on it. Prime lenses work effortlessly on it as I used my main lenses, 85mm, 24 – 70mm and the 200mm on this shoot. One drawback is the file-size, up to 207 mb on a TIFF file but I suppose that’s what you get on a “medium format” camera. Will be needing to invest in a new raid system and Lightroom 4, as the earlier versions does not support their new NEF files! Also definitely slower than my D3 but hopefully when I get the D4 that will compensate in that field as well. Overall a really amazing camera and my clients are already happy with the results!

For this particular shoot I wanted to do something different with regards to a normal jewelry shoot. The Aigner brand specializes in handbags, pens, watches and delicate jewelry pieces. I wanted to create a more edgier look without losing the details on the brand. As we were incorporating high-end fashion into the shoot we had to find a middle ground between the two.

I had two large white board pieces made by the great guys at HOTCOLD Studio Dubai and placed them in an off ‘T’ position with some space in between to bring in the light and shadow.  I used two Profoto Magnum Reflectors with Grids to create the light between the boards as well as a Profoto Beauty dish with a diffuser for the closer shots. My power packs consisted of 2 Profoto Acute 24000 packs. I have spoken about them in earlier posts and they were great on the day!

Once again I was blessed with a great team. Katie Cousins was responsible for hair and makeup, the lovely Natalie Trevis and her assistant Angkana Pinich was responsible for the styling. We also had the lovely Albe from (Bareface) as our model for the day.

She had recently been in Dubai for modeling. A lovely young woman  and the consummate professional and a joy to work with.
Thanks to an amazing team for the great shoot!

Photography & Art Direction      Belinda Muller  (
Hair/Makeup                                     Katie Cousins   (
Stylist                                                    Natalie Trevis    (
Stylist assistant                                 Angkana Pinich
Photographer’s assistant              Evelyn Garcia
Model                                                    Albe (Bareface)

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