ANYTHING GOES! (crazy fashion fun)

Sometimes it’s great to just throw everything out the window and do some crazy stuff! Yep, nothing perfect, clean and “normal”, just something crazy, different and fun! Let the imagination flow so to speak! That’s why this generation is actually very fortunate as they have all the other decades inspirations to draw from and create something of their own. You can see it in fashion where street fashion is the guide to future collections on the catwalk of Milan, Paris etc. Photography is the same with the relative affordability of  digital cameras, people have access to a medium which was once very ‘exclusive’ only to a fortunate few! Hollywood and the music industry have embraced this as well notably Lady Gaga, Nicky Minaj and Beyonce in their dress style and music videos! Some crazy, creative stuff!

The latest edition of Vogue Italia illustrates the fashion theme down to a tee with the fantastic Steven Meisel showing the true crazy side of fashion.

My theme was ‘Anything goes’ literally!  I remember my younger years having big hair, outrageous makeup and jewelry and having a ball! Was great for parties as well! THOSE WHERE THE DAYS! I have a well stocked prop cupboard which I use for my shoots from time to time and it came in very handy this time round. I am always on the lookout for interesting props to use in my shoots hence the overflowing cupboards. Hubbie is used to it by now as I’m always looking at weird stuff while everything is focused on something else!


The super talented Michelle Waldron was responsible for hair & makeup and the lovely Marie Hellbrugge was our model for the day! We concentrated on 4 main looks but with different variations with assorted jewelry and hair pieces, headdresses and clothing.

The lighting setup of the reliable Profoto Acute 2400 pack, 3 lights, a combination of ringflash, beauty dish and striplight, using various gels to compliment the mood. I used a shiny silver material backdrop to create more reflections of light around Marie but to also highlight the gel colors I was using for each shot.

A thank you to these lovely ladies for all the creativity, positive energy and fun they brought to the shoot. As always a pleasure to work with the you!

Photography    Belinda Muller

Hair/Makeup  Michelle Waldron

Model               Marie Hellbrugge

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