The Fire from Within!

There are times when the weather here in the UAE comes together in a big way! Not often but when it does it’s amazing. In this case it was on a recent shoot we did close to the Dubai mountains. Even though it was a windy day we were blessed with some wispy clouds and a beautiful blue sky. I went scouting with hubbie for locations two weeks before and the weather was awful, so was pleasantly surprised when we blessed with such a lovely day.

The shoot had a dramatic flare to it, from hair & makeup to the clothes to fit with the surroundings. I was also super excited working with Kristina from Bareface. She had till recently been relatively under the radar but was getting more work due to her ability to be almost chameleon like in her approach. Tall and statuesque, with this amazing head of auburn curls, she is uniquely different, something that I’m always on the lookout for when wanting to do something more art like.

The team existed of the lovely Katie Cousins who was responsible for Hair & MUA and the energetic Nicole Flifel who styled our lovely model. We were also very fortunate to use the exquisite gowns of the über talented Furne Amato. Amazing creations which have been worn by celebrities and stars alike.

I wanted to created a dramatic look to compliment the surroundings as they were really surreal. After brainstorming with Paul from HotCold Studios I decided to use a Profoto Magnum reflector to enhance the light on Kristina even more (see this great post regarding this fantastic light shaping tool!)  I used the fantastic Profoto 7B which is just an amazing piece of equipment just very heavy carrying around from place to place. Luckily they have brought in lighter batteries that is alleviating that problem. Initially wanted to use my trusted fogger but with the wind nearly blowing us off our feet I quickly realized that we were not going to get the look we wanted. In hind sight I think the omitting of fog was a good idea due to the fact that the surroundings were so dramatic anyway and enhanced the photos.

I was especially happy with the last shots as the light was fading quickly, we had a very cold Kristina who was super trooper looking gorgeous in the wind and had a 5 min period before the light disappeared altogether! And with Amato’s beautiful white gown we did it! Packing up in the dark not so fun especially if you nearly lose your 85mm lens! Yep we were all tired but super happy the final results!

Thanks to a fantastic group of creatives who is such a joy to work with!

Photography   Belinda Muller

Hair/MUA     Katie Cousins

Styling             Nicola Flifel

Model             Kristina (Bareface)

Assistant        Evelyn Garcia

Here are BTS video that Katie graciously during the shoot!

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