PIAGET SUMMER CAMPAIGN (Al Arous – Zahrat Al Khaleej shoot)

I had wonderful opportunity to work on the Piaget Spring/Summer 2012 campaign with AROUSS (Zahrat Al Khaleej 2012). It is always a privilege working for these lovely clients as they have been a great support and guidance in my career.

The theme for this campaign was aimed at the Spring/Summer bride and the clients were very keen to have a natural and bright summery look to showcase their beautiful jewelry pieces. We wanted the “bride” to be wandering in a Spring garden with the landscape not overpowering the jewelry.

I was hesitant to shoot outdoors with about DHS 30 million worth of jewelry as well as having a large team working on the shoot it made more sense working indoors. I decided to create an indoor “garden” for our shoot but that meant design and creating it from scratch. We were honored the Dubai Garden Center offered to supply all the flowers, pots and accessories as well as 2 lovely bouquets from their florist center. Emad was gracious in taking Nicola and myself around the center where we could choose what we wanted to use. We built the set the day before at HOTCOLD Studios creating the different setups that we wanted to do for the shoot. Paul from HOTCOLD helped organize extra help to bring in the heavier pots.

To create the sunny outdoor look I opted for 1 HDMI light with some more lights to have ‘rays’ coming through the leaves and foliage. Also to large 3×4 Profoto Octobanks placed in front of the model to fill the shadows. I use 3 Profoto Acute 2400 packs with my Nikon D3 with a mixture of 85, 24-70 and 70-200mm lenses.

The team consisted of the dear Nicola Flifel who did an amazing job on the styling and more props, hair and makeup team from La Sirene (Beirut – Dubai) and my assistant Evelyn. My dear friend Dalia came in for the day to aid as well and she was a great asset on the team. Our lovely model was Nicola from Bareface who was a joy to work with!

I want to thank everyone who worked on this shoot!

Photography & Art Direction      Belinda Muller (
Stylist   Nicole Flifel

Hair/Makeup    La Sirene (Beirut – Dubai)
Model     Nicola (Bareface)
Dalia Kazoun
Evelyn Garcia
HotCold Dubai

Emad at Dubai Garden Center

A big thank you to my amazing and talented friend Harun Tuna who did our video for us! Here is the BTS video

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