Collaborative Shoot – Beauty and Hair!

Collaboration is vital in the creative process. One gets inspired by movies, objects, paintings etc and to put your visuals in ink “so to speak” requires you to work with creative people to create your vision. It is important that these creatives to get your vision and as a photographer you need to express your ideas in the form of a concept board, reference photos to relay your vision to the team. Some photographers are very hands off in the creating process which intrigues me as even through the pictures are technically great they do lack the substance or the photographer’s stamp on it!

A great example of collaboration is the super talented Marc Jacobs, Pat MacGarth and Steven Meisel who have worked on many Louis Vuitton Campaigns together.

I had the wonderful privilege of working with a talented group of creatives on a hair & beauty shoot recently. I also had the chance to work with the Profoto 8 A and I must say I’m hooked! The lighting is simply beautiful and perfect for beauty and hair to show all the fine details. I can’t wait to get my hand on the Nikon D4 or D800 and work with theses lights! Amazing!!

I had wanted to work with Helga Bosman for a while now but our diaries never gelled together so when the opportunity arose we both were excited that it worked out for us! A sweet bubbly personality with so many wigs in her suitcases actually displayed in her house “quoting her”

As the hair was very experimental we tried to compliment the wigs with the makeup! She is a magician with those hands been a typical creative get into the zone before creating her masterpieces! Great fun on set as well!

I have seen how Michelle Waldron has grown, from the time we worked together at Gulf Photo Plus 2011, and this young woman will go far! An absolute pleasure to work with even under bad conditions, she is focused and calm. Her work has grown as well  and only wish her the best!

Our lovely model was the sweet Fara (New Face from Bareface). She has recently won the new face at Bareface competition and one can see why! Lots of fun and professional on set as well!

A big thank you to the girls, you did an amazing job! KUDO’s to you!! Here is a small video from behind the scenes

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