I had the wonderful opportunity to work with a great bunch of creatives on a shoot called “Role Play” which has just come out in the IN Magazine (Jan – Mar) Issue! The idea revolved around a film noir look, inspired by the 60’s European actresses but mainly on Catherine Deneuve & Julie Christie where the fashion but also the trends of the decade came out but with a current twist. When I pitched the idea to Ahmed he & I were on the same ideas, talk about instincts!

The makeup and hair also reflected the era which is incidentally also the current looks for this Autumn season, LOUIS VUITTON Winter 2011!

A we were doing a B&W shoot we kept the clothing mainly in B&W, with some creams and textured jackets to add some contrast to the look.

Our team consisted of the lovely Katie Cousins, who I have had the pleasure of working on a couple of earlier shoots! Katie is always a great energy on set but even so due to the fact that we share the same love for animals and both have little dachshunds as well! The stylist for the shoot the adorable Nicola Flifel. A funny sweet soul who is an asset and energy on shoot!

Our lovely model was the lovely Marie, Bareface Models. Initially I wanted a blonde but Marie had dyed her hair a dark brown. After discussing this with Sara, (Head Booker , Bareface) I decided to stay with her as I interested in her facial expressions for the shoot. She was lots of fun strutting her stuff up and down the studio!

Lighting consisted of  one Profoto fresnel light placed high above Marie to meet the “film noir” look. Shadows were kept to a minimum with a combination white  black foamcore board.

I would like to thank everyone for making this shoot possible. Ahmed from IN Magazine who is always such a great support! This was really a fun shoot to work with great energy all around!

Photography & Art Direction          Belinda Muller


Hair & MUA                                        Katie Cousins


Stylist                                                    Nicola Flifel


Model                                                    Marie (Bareface)

Assistant                                              Evelyn Garcia

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