Vietnamese Retro!

I had the wonderful opportunity to to a shoot in Ho Chi Minh City, on a recent trip to Vietnam. I had been planning this trip for months and was super excited to see new people, cultures and experience a country that that always intrigued me. The sights, sounds, choas and of the FOOD, oh the food!

I made contact with Phong from Elite model agency in HCMC and discussed my concept with him! I wanted to keep it”local” as I did not know what was available in terms of clothing, location etc.  We decided to scout locations when I arrived before the shoot. Phong advised me on models, stylist etc which was invaluable as someone who has his eyes & ears on the ground. I had no idea what to expect from the shoot it was truly an experimental editorial “testing the waters” so to speak! We decided to do the makeup in my hotel room and then go to the zoo as I was staying right in the middle of old town.

After looking at different locations we decided to shoot at the zoo! No shortage of greenery, foliage etc and didn’t need to worry about been kicked out somewhere due to permits! It was drizzling on the day and we were worried that the shoot may rain out but Phong was our weatherman saying that it will clear up later in the morning which it did and the humidity set in. Between the mozzies and  rats my lovely model Trang La strutted her stuff all over the zoo. When English wasnt enough, a couple  of tested hand signals did the trick!  We create quite a stir and some little kids were very intrigued with the shoot.

I want to thank Phong and his lovely team for all the assistant and great energy that they brought to the shoot! I will definitely be back to explore more of this fantastic country!

Photography       Belinda Muller

Elite Model Team

Model                   Trang La

Makeup                Phongmd dang

Hair                      Nguyen, Katie Le

Stylist                   Cherry Pham

Clothing from designer Cherry Pham, Tuong Vy

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