I feel so honored to have one of my submissions “Animal Instincts” published once again in the amazing KURV Magazine (Australia) for their December issue! What I love about their magazine is their attention to detail in every aspect, photography, design, layout. I cant wait to get my hands on their fantastic magazine. “Kurv. Magazine is an internationally acclaimed high-quality gloss, men’s and women’s fashion, arts, beauty and culture magazine. They distribute three times annually  and feature high-end fashion, editorial, arts, design, music and film. Their focus is providing readers with the current trends within the fashion, beauty and arts world and  is compiled by Australian and international writers. Kurv. Magazine respects fashions heritage while exploring the next generation. They distribute throughout Australia, the United States, the UK, Taiwan, South Africa and Japan.”

I had the wonderful privilege of working with a great group of creatives on an editorial shoot called ” Animal Instincts”. The inspiration behind the shoot revolves around a man placed in desolated surroundings, where his animals instincts will “kick in” to survive. The scene for the shoot was key as it had to have a moody, rugged and uninhabitable feel to the editorial. The textures of the surroundings had to tied in perfectly with the ruggedness of the model and the clothes. After scouting various locations I found an empty Wadi outside Dubai which was perfect for the shoot.

The model’s look was very important for the look I wanted to do and I was fortunate that Paul Frangie from Bareface modeled for us. We have worked together before on a Kurv editorial and let me know he was back in Dubai and was excited to work with me again. One of the best male models in Dubai, a warm, calm soul and a true gentleman! Also helps that he is great looking as well! Our other wonderful creatives was Gemma Jones, a talented freelance stylist from the UK and Michelle Waldron, a freelance hair/ beauty stylist from Ireland. This was my first collaboration with them and they were an absolute joy and fun to work with. Such positive energy and super talented even working under the extreme conditions we worked in that day! Gemma’s take on styling was as follows “The styling ideas behind this shoot were taken mainly from tribal, native American and Neanderthal inspirations from the catwalks this season. The “Animal” man was dressed with materials apt to his environment, and so fur and wools were important here. The tribal prints in the garments tied into the animal theme, and the edges left roughened. The outfits used in the shoot are from high end fashion lines in Dubai; Galleries la Fayette, Boutique 1, Alexander McQueen, Diesel, Bloomingdales, DKNY, Missoni, and Burberry. Besides this, accessories were taken from higher end high street stores such as Zara, Topshop and Koton.”

Michelle’s take on the hair and makeup was as follows “My make-up inspiration for the shoot came from researching articles, photographs and illustrations of the Aboriginal people and African tribes. Both have a strong connection to land and animals spiritually and I loved the idea that they feel like they are at one with nature and wild life and that is what I wanted to create with the make-up for the shoot. I used a lot of earthy tones in the make-up keeping with the theme i.e browns,grey s, greens and white which is a prominent color in tribal and aboriginal face painting designs. I also had to consider the outfit colors to choose which looks I had designed would go with which outfits. Make-up products was L’Oreal.

Hair Inspiration: The hair took inspiration from both the aboriginal people and African tribes. Hair braiding can be seen in both and just having the hair loose and “untamed” with items such as feathers and leathers hanging from it. I did add a modern twist with one of the hair styles by having a central rounded quaff but again this was inspired from the corn row hairstyles of African tribes. All hair accessories Evita Peroni.

For those who know Dubai it can be a very toasty place in the summer, rising to 60 degrees on some days. Even till November it can be quite hot. Shooting in the wadi presented us with the heat challenge, even though it was 33 if felt like 50 due to all the porous rocks reflecting the heat off them. We were jumping in and out of cars to stay cool and the conditions were not ideal but the team were real pros and everyone was eager to get the best shots. I only used the silver Sunbounce for this shoot as there was so much available light and I really didn’t want to distract from the surrounding as well. Al kept Paul against the sun to try to reduce the harsh shadows on his face.

I would like to say a special thanks to everyone who made this great editorial. It was wonderful working with such a great group of people talent, fun, and great energy. This is truly a team effort! You guys rock! A special thank you to Nic from Kurv! Magazine for once again allowing us to be part of their wonderful magazine!

Photography              Belinda Muller

Model                          Paul Frangie

Stylist                          Gemma Jones

Hair/Makeup            Michelle Waldron

Assistants                   Werner Muller/ Evelyn Garcia

Here are more shots from the shoot!

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