Hi everyone! The International Loupe Awards 2011 was held this year and I have been lucky to receive 4 silver and 7 bronze awards in the Fashion/Advertising/Photojournalism/People Portrait/Landscape/Animal categories! 2 Silver were placed in the top 50 fashion category and 1 in the top 50 Photojournalism category! I will be showing the others later in this month! Very thrilled and honored for these rewards and a Big Congrats to all the finalists and overall winners! There are some truly beautiful and diverse work on the ILA 2011 website. Take the time to have a look! Thank you to all those creatives who collaborated & worked on the Fashion shoots, Nicola, Katie, Marie, Natalie, Rene, Genevieve, Ira, Rolla, Toni and Evelyn!


  1. Thank you Belinda for teaming up with us for great shoots as usual.. working with you on the Piaget and Lancome shoots (as well as other projects) was a pure delight, and I’m glad the professional photographers community is awarding your work in many categories..

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