HAPPY NEW YEAR to all and a wonderful 2011!

I have wanted to do a boho/hippie shoot for a while now as fur is big news as well as a throwback to the seventies. Inspiration came from Stevie Nicks (Fleetwood Mac), Mamas & Papas with a contemporary take. Decided to build a bohemian cove in my studio which meant sourcing various props such as drapes, cushions, throws, etc to depict the mood. DragonMart in Dubai is a treasure trove when it comes to props. You are able to source anything there at a reasonable price. I was able to have curtains made to fit the mood. Some props came from my trusted prop cupboard as I am always on the look out for items that I can use on future shoots! Hamish Scott from Home Design once again graciously allowed me use some their Moroccan pouffes and throws as well.


The set took an afternoon to assemble. I decided to use a more directional light to create a more subtle mood to the light. So lighting existed of the broad light to fill in shadows and a Profoto strip box placed pre-dominantly on the models right side. I did move the light from time to time to stress the mood I was looking for!

Once again I had the privilege to work with some great creatives in Dubai fashion industry, namely. Toni Malt (Bareface) and Natalie Trevis (Stylephiles). Toni had and fantastic array of wigs, flowers to create our bohemian fell. We had an extensive choice of close to choose from with is always a great sign of things to come. Our model for the day was the lovely and professional Renee Borisova (Bareface). She has the most beautiful hair never been colored and is so healthy. She really captured the looks perfectly with her sensuous eyes.

I was very satisfied with the result. We definitely got the look we were after. This editorial was picked up by OK! Magazine Middle East and we would like to thank Jen Haward and OK! Magazine for their support.

A big THANK YOU to a wonderful team who put this great shoot together! You girls ROCK!

PHOTOGRAPHY                      BILLIE MULLER

MUA & HAIR                             TONI MALT (BAREFACE)

STYLING                                     NATALIE TREVIS (STYLEPHILES)

MODEL                                       RENEE BORISOVA (BAREFACE)

ASSISTANT                                EVELYN GARCIA


Additional Photos from the shoot


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