Black & White Classic Elegance!

As much as I love going out and doing more art and conceptual photography it is alway great to go back to the ‘classic photography’ but with a twist of course! Such was the case in this shoot that we did at HOTCOLD Studios in Dubai. There is something about the classic black & white photography that will last the test of time. The various shades of black, simulated through film (Agfa/Kodak/Ilford etc) with a bit of sepia thrown in the mix as well! My challenge with B&W is to try to keep the tones and texture as close as I can to film. I love this book The Master Printer’s BLACK & WHITE Workbook by Steve Macleod. He really gives you an insight into what it takes to get an exceptional Black & White print!

An example of a sepia that I experimented with!

When I think of B & W in fashion, Richard Avedon’s instinctively comes to mind. A genius and a master photographer who had the uncanny ability to bring out sometimes the most disturbing visuals in his subjects. He was acutely aware of the changes in fashion during the decades and had the uncannily ability to transcend that into his work! Remarkable since he began his fashion career after the World War 2 with Harpers Bazaar moving over to Vogue and other iconic fashion magazines. A truly rare gift! Even in his later years (1990’s) his ability for storytelling in fashion still ran very strong! I’ve watched videos and read books about the man and his work and really respect his work ethic!

One of his photography books, “Avedon – Fashion 1944 -2000 The definitive Collection” gives one a wonderful insight into how this genius used to work. A true inspiration for fashion photographers out there.

I had the privilege collaborating with Dubai based freelance makeup & hair artist Tonee Roberio on this shoot! Besides been a true professional and a craftsman at work he is a grounded and lovely person and a joy to work with!  Below is some example of his work.

The lovely model was Eva from Bareface who was very enthusiastic and professional throughout the shoot. A special thank you to Stefanie Forbes from Bareface for organizing the lovely models for the shoots. The styling was done by Mo Al Falasi and my trusted righthand Evelyn was there to help. HotCold Studios in Dubai was the scene for our shoot. I have rent equipment from them for a while now but it is my first using their studio. They are a great bunch of professionals who is always there to aid with any queries. I recommend using them, fully equipped and very accommodating especially with my Acute 600 batteries! Below are the final images from the shoot.

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