The Burj Al Arab Spa Shoot for Zahrat Al Khaleej Magazine

I was very honoured and humbled when Souha Abbas (Manager/Special Editions Division (Publishing)
Abu Dhabi Media Company) phoned me and asked if they could do an article on my recent Honour Awards at the IPOTY 2010 competition. Even more so when she asked me to do a shoot at the Burj Al Arab beautiful women spa which combined fashion as well as conceptual! Souha and I paths crossed two years ago when she approached me for my wedding photography. Yep, those who know I do wedding photography and I must say it’s been very rewarding in many ways. Firstly, it’s the best way to learn about your camera, lighting and how to adapt in any situation! Secondly the people who I have met have become close friends and the multiculturalism is something that I thrive on. Souha had placed an article of me about my weddings and let me photograph the wedding cakes for the Jumeirah Group. She is one of those grounded people who is such a sweet soul and amazing client to work for! The Burj was one of the hotel we shot in so I had a fair idea of logistic and lighting settings for the interiors.

I had gone two days earlier with her and the lovely Noha Noureldin from the Jumeriah Group to view potential locations for the different shots we aimed to take. The staff at the Jumeirah Group are also very courteous and the Burj did not disappoint! Those who have been inside knows the opulence and stunning vivid colors that follow right to the top. It was my first visit to the spa and I must say it’s stunning! The spa is beautiful tiled and so serene with a beautiful color palette of gold, soft green and pink.

The lighting was varied from large windows with lots of light, dark spa waiting rooms with soft ambient light to the library which was an explosion of gold! My WB needed to adjusted regularly as not to overpower the model with hot colors. Evelyn and I were tweaking lights as we go along and my trusted speedlights came in very handy in some situations.

Our gorgeous model for the day was Visnja Amanovic @ Bareface. A lovely young woman who was a professional and very patient with my directing her in different positions. The stylist responsible for the lovely flowing dresses and jewelry was Meredith Taylor Damouni and MUA was Huda Heidi Kattan.

A big thank you to the wonderful Burj Spa staff and Noha from the Jumeirah Group, for making us feel at home and warm hospitality! Lastly a big thank you to Souha for allowing me to be part of this lovely Bridal issue! Check out the new issue, out in Bookstores around the GCC!





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