Deconstructing a shoot

Gold rush!Ice QueenA flair for the dramatic!

My approach to photography is instinctive and definitely not traditional but I do know the value of collaborating with fellow creatives to create a beautiful photo! Improvisation and thinking out of the box is key in the fashion industry and I really do believe that is whats sets you apart from your fellow photographers. Case in point, Steven Meisel, Helmut Newton and Richard Avedon just to name a few!

Take our conceptual shoot on Wednesday. This was particularly a more challenging beauty & concept shoot so the planning for the moodboard took a few days of back and forth between MUA and stylist and model was also key to the look we wanted! I have been fortunate to have worked with Toni Malt, on a couple of shoots now and I must say her planning and attention to detail is priceless. Besides her obvious talent, she is always willing to try to experiment with new styles, always keeping the look current and but with her own twist of the idea! I also smile when we chat about our set building and gadgets we make for our shoots. We really enjoy challenging ourselves which makes the result so much more rewarding!

Natalie Trevis, our stylist has truly been an asset on our shoots! She is extremely talented as a designer herself as well as having a keen eye for style! She has her own blog called Stylephiles Dubai, check it out! The lovely Katerina from Bareface was our model for the day and she was a true professional even though she may have been worried when she saw the white and gold makeup! She has a very versatile and diverse face and as you can see from final photos truly amazing!

I wanted to create an edgy look but also keep up a shadowless face to stress the models features.My BF the fogger came in handy with second shot to break the black background  with wisps of fog! The 3 photos tied in all exceptionally and it was amusing to watch us creatives at work, each getting frustrated, trying to make it the best it could be!

A big thanks to Toni, Nat & Katerina for all their work in making theses beautiful photos come together!

Chat soon!

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