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I had the wonderful priviledge to do a shoot for IN Magazine in July at the Yas Hotel in Abu Dhabi. As most of you know it’s the offical Abu Dhabi Grand Prix hotel at the Grand Prix circuit in Abu Dhabi in November.

The concept was loosely based on the movie Watchmen but it’s central theme was on power women in the amazing Yas Hotel. I grew up on comic books, reading for hours the antics of super heros fueling my imagination making me think if I jump over the telephone wire off my dad’s garage roof in freshly cut grass, I was actually flying! Which did happen! Lots of guardian angels later,  I still dream in comic strip mode and enjoy the look and feel of the genre.

We were blessed to have 2 lovely models, Alessia, with whom I worked before and Andrea. My dear friend Mo Al Falasi once again showed his midas touch and brought beautiful clothes from Saks, Etoile la Boutique, Agent Provocateur, Christian Louboutin, Marc Jacobs and the wonderfully talented Ezra Santos! The talented and sweet Erwin Sapio transformed the girls into my Powerwomen, snipping the wigs into shags and keeping the girls makeup in tip-top condition! My trusted assistant Evelyn was there to set my flashes and lights as we moved from one shot to another. We used a lot of color gels in the shoot to enhance the drama even more. I gave the girls the chance to experiment and to improvise. They really got into the roles quickly and was having a blast doing high kicks, cat fights to the knife fight on the restaurant kitchen table causing a stir among the star and guests! The hotel has so many fascinating places to shoot that we were literally spoilt for choice. We have access to the main suite which provided very stylish decor. The only drawback was that it was mid-summer and you can imagine the heat and humidity so shooting outside was not a realistic option. The hotel staff and marketing manager Ashwin was so accommodating and helpful that it our work so much easier to get the best of the shoot.

We were all exhausted at the end of the day but I am so proud to be part of this great team! Everyone gave their best and the finished photos speaks for itself! A special thank you Ahmed Abou Naja, editor of IN MAGAZINE for giving us the opportunity to showcase our work! The magazine is a testament to someone who shares a passion for creativity and experimentation. Kudos to you! To the Yas Hotel staff, you guys were wonderful and thank you for your warm hospitality! Andrea and Alessia it was a pleasure working with you girls! Shows you what some cappuccino can do! Amazing work Erwin and Evelyn! Last but not least sweet Mo, who has impeccable taste! Also to the lovely Kate Kozhevnikova, Alessia’s friend who helped as well.

I have included the layout as it looks in the Magazine followed by indivdual shots as well as some extras not included !


Photographer:      Belinda Muller

Assistant:               Evelyn

Fashion stylist:     Mo Al Falasi

MUA:                      Erwin Sapio

Models:                  Alessia Chtcheglova

Andrea Ace Stefancikova

Location:               Yas Hotel, Abu Dhabi, UAE

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  1. Love the pictures!!! They are very creative, unique, and live!!! There is no comment about how beautiful the models look. I am very glad that such hard work turned into chef d’oeuvre!!It is spectacular, imaginative, and fascinating piece of art. Billie keep up such a great work. Your potential has not limits therefore realize it!



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