Photoshoot OK Magazine Iconic

I was privileged to be able to shoot for Ok Magazine at the amazing ICONIC store in Deira, City Centre. I love this place! Very trendy, vibrant, London high street stuff for a very reasonable price! Shooting in the shop itself presents its own set of logistically challenges as one must remember that shoppers are roaming around looking and you don’t want to intrude or offend them especially HERE!

We were an all girl power team and I must say I couldn’t have a more sweet and calm bunch to work with! Everyone knows their role and does what they do best! First Jenny Haward from OK who did our styling and knew exactly what she wanted! Toni, a very gifted hair & makeup artist who did the magic, Alexandra B from Bareface models, who I can understand is so popular! Not just a pretty face but professional and calm under any circumstances even when we had he up on a slippery perspex table playing mannequin! Evelyn who is always there as my righthand woman!

The look is edgy and even can go for the modern eighties with all the colors but it all tied in together. I was given free rein to experiment with the brief which is very liberating! From lying underneath a railing of dresses to climbing my trusted ladder for extra height (those of us who are height challenged) it was amazing to see how the light falls in different directions. We discovered a little empty corner behind some heavy chains painted matt black. After an first adjustment to get us all in there and nearly “falling over a fake wall” I decided the beauty dish and the spot light (which I adjust to work as a hair light would do the trick!) As they say “a happy accident”! The escalator shot had a big advertising board on the right with the reflection hitting on to the escalator, served a reflector of sorts!

At the end of the day we got the shots we wanted and was very happy with the result. It was amazing to work with such a great group of girls!

Here are behind the scenes shots

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