An Elegant Story! 6 July 2010

Well I’m really late in the game with all the blogging but what the heck never too late to start. Been a really busy time for me lately but also so rewarding as I get to work with wonderful creative people.
I was priviledged to be part of a great shoot done in the studio. Time scheduling was a bit hectic but was able to organize everything in a couple of days! I co-ordinate with Mo Al Farasi from Brisbane initially and then here in Dubai on the look and feel of the shoot. As we wanted something elegant but edgy! I must be honest I wasn’t sure if we would be able to get all the clothes but oh my did Mo come through for us BIG time!! A whole $70 000 worth of merchandise! From D&G to Ezra and let’s not get started on the shoes! Louboutin etc. I was needless to say over the moon.
I “built” the set and did a bit of painting which I rarely do these days. After recovering from all the paints vapors I proceeded to decorate the set accordingly. I would like to thank Hamish from Home Design at the Mall of the Emirates who graciously allowed us to use their furniture pieces for the set! They have some awesome stuff! Guys who know me knows I am always on the lookout for props or anything interesting to use on my shoots. These guys have it! Thanks Candice for introducing me to the store!
Hot and Cold Rental have great gear and wonderful staff in terms of lighting. Jessica Tabla did a amazing job with hair & makeup and our lovely model, Stefanie is such a professional she made my work even more enjoyable!
I experimented with different lights, speedlights, my trusted friends, gels to make one look flow into another. Oh, I forgot the fogger definitely gave some drama in some shots especially when you’re holding the camera, directing the model and pressing the fogger switch with your Big Toe! Multitasking is what we girls do best!

I may say I am really happy with the final result and we were a great team! Thanks guys for all the hard work and energy put into the shoot! The results show for itself!


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